bicycle in the forest

Biking in Yarmouth Cap Cod

Thursday, May 23, 2019

What do you ride for? When you put your foot on the pedal, kick up the kickstand, and push off, what do you ride for? Is it the joy of the outdoors? The thrill of exploring new turf? The pleasure of spending quality time? Well, with whatever purpose you ride, you ought to be prepared. Biking is one of the many great things to do in Yarmouth, and we’ve compiled all the info you need for bike riding in Yarmouth.

Where to Ride

Yarmouth is home to many bike trails running through differing terrains and scenery. The Cape Cod Rail Trail currently spans 27.5 miles, with plans to extend even further. Starting in Yarmouth and ending in Wellfleet, the paved road follows an old freight rail that was in operation until 1960. The route passes through beautiful landscapes and various points of interest.

Bud Carter Conservation area

You can also take bikes into permitted areas in Yarmouth’s many conservation areas, like the Bud Carter Conservation Area. Bud Carter is home to Yarmouth’s highest point, 118 feet above sea level.

Whether you’re riding along the beach, the town, or a designated trail, you can be sure that you’ve never taken a bike ride as you’ve taken in Yarmouth.

What to Ride

bicycle in the forest

If you didn’t pack your own ride, you’re gonna need some wheels. The bike you’ll need depends on where you want to go and what you want to do. If you’re looking to travail the dirt trails around the lakes and conservation areas, you’ll want a mountain bike or something with fatter tires. If you’re riding along a paved road, a road bike might just do. If you’re taking a scenic ride around the beach with a pal, you might just be fixing for a tandem bike—or not. The good folks at Bike Zone in South Yarmouth off Route 6 or Barbara’s Bike Shop in South Dennis near the Bass River, will fix you up with the perfect ride and send you off with all the equipment you’ll need.

How to Ride

Before you push off, there are a few key things you should know about the biking laws in Massachusetts. Follow these rules and regulations to keep yourself and others safe from harm: Cyclists are required to obey all local and state traffic laws and regulations

  • Cyclists are required to obey all local and state traffic laws and regulations
  • All cyclists under 16 must wear a helmet
  • Verbally alert other cyclists and pedestrians when passing
  • Use hand signals to let others know you plan to turn or stop
  • You may not park your bike on a street, road, bikeway, or sidewalk where it will be in the way of others

Click here for more information about Massachusetts biking laws.

Click here to learn more about road safety for cyclists.

Now you have all the resources and information you need for bicycling in Yarmouth. Get on your bikes and ride!