About the Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce

The Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce includes 400 members from our town and surrounding communities dedicated to building a strong local economy and preserving the character and charm of Cape Cod’s second-oldest town. Through our Chamber, since 1963, we bring together members from each of Yarmouth’s three villages – West Yarmouth, Yarmouth Port, and South Yarmouth – as one cohesive community. We invite you to support our member businesses and organizations and to consider becoming a chamber member yourself. Together, we can continue the spirit and tradition that has characterized Yarmouth for nearly four centuries.


To promote, advocate, and educate all of our members to foster and achieve a sustainable economic climate for the villages of Yarmouth.


Yarmouth is “the place” to be on Cape Cod due to the increased engaged membership of the Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce.

Guiding Values

  • Membership engagement
  • Benefit and value for membership
  • Sustainable community and business environment (establish, build and support)
  • Cooperative partnerships and/or relationships
  • Make Yarmouth a sustainable destination to live, work, and play