Best Reasons for Families to Live in Yarmouth

Now that you’ve seen that the best reasons to live in Yarmouth offer you a healthy lifestyle in which to raise your children, here are other important reasons:

Yarmouth offers a highly regarded school system from elementary to middle to high school with ongoing sports and recreational activities.

Summertime offers a fabulous staycation for the kids from the beaches, to Camp Wingate, and sailing, tennis and Flax Pond Camp through the Yarmouth Recreation Department, from the Cape Cod Bike Trail to the Cape Cod Baseball League and special events here and in neighboring towns.

Fun and learning goes on year-round for kidswith ice skating/hockey at the Tony Kent Arena in Hyannis and local classes and events at the Cape Cod Cultural Center, the Whydah Pirate Museum and many museums across the Cape.

Enjoy community connections for parents available through Yarmouth’s libraries, the YMCA, Cape Cod Moms, and Cape Cod Parents & Caregivers and Cape Cod Activities/Events for Kids on Facebook.

Yarmouth and the Cape have many childcare resources and developing access to childcare for young families is a priority of the Cape Cod Young Professionals.

A BONUS:  And if the kids do go off to pursue their dreams in other cities, chances are they’ll be back because of all the great memories you’ve created together!

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