Olde Cape Cod Discovery Trail

Longing for the freedom of the great outdoors and connection to other people’s lives? A safe driving or walking journey on the Olde Cape Cod Discovery Trail will lift your spirits. Explore scenic waters and historic sites from the bay to the ocean and discover how earlier generations met the challenges of their time.

Download the Olde Cape Cod Discovery Trail Brochure of our rich historic sites – from the early days of the settlers to the rise of tourism. Visit a farm, windmill, nature trails, an Indian Memorial, historic homes that are now museums, inns and restaurants, and much more.

Choose an area to visit and make it an outing! Grab take out from a restaurant along the way. Check the website of each site to see if they’re open. If they’re not, you can still learn about the people and lifestyles of the time from their websites.

Envision the future: As you consider how people in the past provided for their food, made a living, and socialized with friends and family, do you think they could have imagined how we live today? Can you imagine how we might be living in the future?

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Download the Olde Cape Cod Discovery Trail map