Sign the Petition and Save Route 6 Visitor Center

Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Please help us convince the Barnstable County Commissioners continue to provide the necessary funding for the management of the Route 6 Rest Area.

Millions of dollars are spent annually to market Cape Cod as a tourist destination. Well over 4 million people traveled to the Cape last year leaving no doubt that tourism is the largest economic driver we have in Barnstable County. A prime example of this is the Route 6 Rest Area which serves over 40,000 visitors, generates a minimum of 10 seasonal jobs and are indirectly responsible for additional seasonal employment by promoting businesses across Cape Cod.

The funds generated from license plate money is clearly stated that it is to promote tourism and economic development. According to Massachusetts General Law Title XIV, Chapter 90 Section 2, “… all amounts so transferred shall be used to promote tourism and economic development; We have seen no better example of how a small amount of money can benefit so many taxpayers, county-wide, to promote tourism and economic development with such immediate and proven effect than reinstating the long-time tradition of maintaining the operation of this rest area.

It is for the purity of our request and the consideration of the livelihoods that could be hindered that the commissioners should continue their established precedent of funding the daily maintenance of the Route 6 Rest Area Rest Rooms until they have replaced it with another revenue source.