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Simple Tips for Enjoying a Sustainable Beach Vacation

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Taking steps to reduce your carbon footprint and adopt environmentally friendly practices can be a whole lot easier at home than when you’re away. When you are taking a vacation on Cape Cod, there are several simple things you can do to be green and have a more sustainable beach vacation.

Pack smart

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Traveling light can lessen fuel costs. Consider renting or borrowing whatever you can when you get to your final destination. There are also a few things that may be worth packing to reduce your environmental impact while on vacation.

Cloth or insulated bags come in handy for shopping and for bringing lunch, beach toys, and other items on your outings.

Reusable drink containers are a great alternative to single-use plastic water bottles, and travel mugs can be refilled at a local coffee shop. If you like using straws, bring your own reusable straws or use a paper one.

Cut the cord

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Before you unplug from your day-to-day responsibilities, unplug your electronics, both at home and in your vacation lodgings. Limiting your use of electronic devices not only reduces your impact on the environment, but it can also let you experience a more relaxing vacation.

Turn off devices when you’re not using them, shut the lights off when you’re not in your room, and rely on natural daylight whenever possible.

And instead of using the air conditioning, open the windows to enjoy the cool beach breezes.

Plan your outings

Staying in Yarmouth puts you close to all that the Cape has to offer, reducing how far you will need to drive to get anywhere.

Plan your outings to minimize driving, and whenever possible, walk or bike to your destination.

Since you are planning a sustainable vacation that’s respectful of nature, take the time to explore the beautiful beaches and conservation areas in Yarmouth.

Leave things the way you found them

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As tempting as it is to take home shells, rocks, and other things you find on the beach, the less you interfere with nature, the less your impact.

This also means cleaning up after yourself and your pets. Use trash cans and recycling bins appropriately. If you’re out and about and there isn’t somewhere to recycle, take bottles and cans with you and recycle them back at your hotel or at home.

Keep in mind that small details can make a world of difference

These are just a few ways that planning ahead and paying attention to detail can make a difference for our planet. The more that we respect our surroundings, the longer everyone will have to enjoy them.