hiking trail

Yarmouth is for Nature Lovers

Thursday, May 23, 2019

With over 1800 acres of land dedicated to conservation’s, nature abounds in our cozy corner of Cape Cod. We’re brimming with wildlife, vegetation, forests, marshes, bogs, and like-minded people whose very nature is basking in mother nature.

The Trails

hiking trail

Yarmouth’s sprawling interconnected trails cover the land. Find sweet serenity as you hike, bike, or walk your way from top to bottom and back again. Along the way you’ll pass by some cranberry bogs, red maple trees, and more than the occasional turkey. You may want to stop at a lake or pond, created by glaciers thousands of years ago, to cool off with a swim. Glimpse falcons, hawks, ospreys, and other birds in their natural habitat. Stroll the boardwalks for breathtaking sunset views. Relax and take in the gentle hum of forest life; what’s in front of you can’t be captured by phone or selfie-stick—though we won’t fault you for trying.

The Water

flowing creek in the woods

On Yarmouth’s trademark shoreline you’ll find beautiful views, epic scenery, and the scent of salt water in the air. Join thrill seekers and shoobies congregating for the opportunity to get out onto the open ocean. Take out a kayak or canoe and paddle from shore to shore through water fauna. Hoist up your waterproof coveralls for some shoreline crabbing. Climb aboard a fishing vessel for a deep-sea adventure. Get friendly with fish during a scuba dive or meet some meatier friends during a caged shark dive. Take a pleasure cruise scouting sites around the Cape or a day cruise to nearby Martha’s Vineyard or Monomoy Island. There are innumerable ways to get into the water and enjoy the maritime half of life in New England.

Nature’s beauty is in the eye of the beholder. With these different activities for lovers of nature, you can behold Yarmouth’s beauty in person.