Sign the Petition and Save Route 6 Visitor Center


Please help us convince the Barnstable County Commissioners continue to provide the necessary funding for the management of the Route 6 Rest Area.

Millions of dollars are spent annually to market Cape Cod as a tourist destination. Well over 4 million people traveled to the Cape last year leaving no doubt that tourism is the largest economic driver we have in Barnstable County. A prime example of this is the Route 6 Rest Area which serves over 40,000 visitors, generates a minimum of 10 seasonal jobs and are indirectly responsible for additional seasonal employment by promoting businesses across Cape Cod.

The funds generated from license plate money is clearly stated that it is to promote tourism and economic development. According to Massachusetts General Law Title XIV, Chapter 90 Section 2, “… all amounts so transferred shall be used to promote tourism and economic development; We have seen no better example of how a small amount of money can benefit so many taxpayers, county-wide, to promote tourism and economic development with such immediate and proven effect than reinstating the long-time tradition of maintaining the operation of this rest area.

It is for the purity of our request and the consideration of the livelihoods that could be hindered that the commissioners should continue their established precedent of funding the daily maintenance of the Route 6 Rest Area Rest Rooms until they have replaced it with another revenue source.


Things to do in Yarmouth, Cape Cod

There are plenty of “THINGS TO DO” to keep you busy here in Yarmouth and on Cape Cod! Click on the images below for a complete listing.


From hiking trails to visiting cranberry bogs, Yarmouth has a variety of free activities to do. Please browse our list of free activities in Yarmouth below.Free Activities in Yarmouth, MA

MUST-SEE PLACES in Yarmouth Cape Cod

Yarmouth boasts many historic and scenic attractions. Checkout our list of must-see places below:

Must See Places List in Yarmouth, MA

FAMILY ACTIVITIES in Yarmouth Cape Cod

Are you looking for things to do in Cape Cod with your family? Yarmouth offers many fun activities for you and your loved ones to enjoy! Please browse our list below for details or also see our list of things to do with kids on Cape Cod

Family Activities List in Yarmouth, MA


When Mother Nature disrupts your beach plans, having a rainy-day activity in your back pocket is a must! Check out our list below for fun things to do in Yarmouth when it rains.

Rainy Day Activities List in Yarmouth, MA

Summer Concert Series

Bring your beach chair and dancing shoes!

There will be a FREE concert every Monday night in July and August at Parker’s River Beach.
This series features Steve Morgan and the Kingfish, The Rip it Ups, Sarah Swain and the Oh-Boys, Haywired, The Skiffs, Four Guys in Tuxes, and Crabgrass Bluegrass! Don’t miss this event.

Click here for our flyer with ALL the details!

Be a Volunteer!

We want you! Become a Yarmouth Chamber volunteer today!

Whether joining a committee, working an event, or tackling a project in the office, there are plenty of opportunities here at the Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce.

For more information or to become a volunteer, please contact Ashley Cormier at or Mary Vilbon at

Yarmouth Conservation Areas and Walking Trails

KEVENEY LN CUMMAQUID cr William DeSousa-Mauk

Photo by William DeSousa

Explore the wild side of Cape Cod by walking or hiking through one of our many conservation areas. Yarmouth is home to some renown spots including Callery-Darling Conservation Area and Crab Creek Conservation Area.  Browse our list of local favorites and enjoy a nice walk by the ocean or some good crabbing opportunities!

Download the Town of Yarmouth’s conservation areas and trail maps to start explore its 1800 acres of available land.

Bud Carter Conservation Area
The trail with the highest point in Yarmouth is situated on what is known as the Sandwich Moraine, a significant glacial feature left over from the last ice age of 20,000 years ago. The area boasts of two scenic vistas. Many side trails and loops occur within this 300 acre land tract.

Callery-Darling Conservation Area
This trail is located north of Route 6A and stretches from Homers Dock Road to the salt marshes west of Center Street. The area displays great ecological diversity in various stages of vegetative succession. Soil are rich and deep with organics, indicating an aggressive farming history. Abandoned cranberry bogs and ancient salt water bogs are present with original dikes intact. The Bass Hole Boardwalk is one of the more popular attractions within the area.

GRAY'SBCH3 cr William DeSousa-Mauk

Photo by William DeSousa

Crab Creek Conservation Area
The trail winds its way along the shore of Crab Creek. This area has long been a favorite for crabbing enthusiasts with its abundance of blue crabs, Callinectes sapidus. Blue crabs measuring five (5) inches from point to point may be taken without permit. However, a state permit is required when using traps or pots.

Dennis Pond Conservation Area
The main trail is approximately 3,285 feet long and winds its way through a variety of woodland communities. There is also a side trail which follows closely along the shoreline and rejoins the main trail later.

BASS HOLE GRAY'S BEACH cr William DeSousa-Mauk (14)

Photo by William DeSousa

Horse Pond Conservation Area
These trails are located within a 400 acre tract of town owned land. The main trail occurs along the northern perimeters of Horse Pond with spurs, loops, and connectors to other trail systems.

Meadowbrook Conservation Area
This area consists of brackish marsh, salt marsh, and relic Atlantic white cedar swamp fronting on Swan Pond. A 310 foot boardwalk leads from the parking area to the north shore of Swan Pond.

BASS HOLE GRAY'S BEACH cr William DeSousa-Mauk (11)

Photo by William DeSousa

Raymond J. Syrjala Conservation Area
This  area is 15 acres in size with a trail approximately 3,500 feet in length and forms a loop that passes through a rather wet environment. A man-made reservoir to the east of the trail was created to store water for the now abandoned cranberry bogs.

Sandy Pond Conservation Area
Sandy Pond is approximately 12 acres in area and presents itself as a classic “kettle” pond with steep slopes and a depth of 35 feet. A nature trail leads around the entire pond and connects to other trails to the north, west, and east.

BASS HOLE YARMOUTH PORT cr William DeSousa-Mauk (2)

Photo by William DeSousa

Thacher Show Conservation Area
This area consists mostly of salt march with a short trail through a wooded thicket. The marsh end of the trail boasts commanding scenic views of the salt marshes and island thickets. The Pilgrim Monument in Provincetown can be seen to the north on an exceptionally clear day.

Yarmouth #10 Most Comfortable Cities

Yarmouth was recently voted #10 on the list of 101 Most Comfortable Cities by Expedia! Check out the excerpt below from the article. Just a few of the reasons we love Yarmouth as a place to live, work, stay, play, dine or shop!

South Yarmouth, Massachusetts, ranks number 10 on the list. A quintessential Cape Cod town, South Yarmouth is a charismatic waterfront region that overlooks Bass River and is just minutes from Nantucket Sound. Summertime sojourners beeline to Bass River Beach to bask on the shores, collect seashells, bait some bluefish, and nosh on the freshest seafood.”

Drive In Site Survey

The Yarmouth Drive-In Site has long been recognized as a site with a great deal of potential for any number of uses.  To that end, the Yarmouth Board of Selectmen have appointed the Drive-In Site Utilization Committee earlier this year with the purpose of identifying and recommending relevant Policy Goals and Potential Site Uses for the Board as they consider the future of the site.

The Drive-In Site Utilization Committee is comprised of seven local business and civic leaders who have been working with Town Staff to identify site constraints, possible uses and their related community benefits. As part of their ongoing efforts, the Committee has developed a survey (link is below) for the general public and interested parties.  Reponses will be considered by the committee and presented at public outreach meetings to be scheduled for late summer/early fall.  Outreach meetings will provide the community and other stakeholders with the opportunity to weigh in on the future of the Drive-In Site.

Thank you for your time and input.

Find Your Happy Place

Nothing compares to Golf in Yarmouth! With 4 pristine courses, gorgeous beaches, restaurants and plenty of things to do, you can be sure that your next golf adventure will be all you’ve dreamed of and more. Bring your friends and family and spend some time soaking up the sun and sinking putts at Bayberry Hills, Bass River, Blue Rock or The Club at Yarmouthport. Better yet, play at all 4!


Cape Point Hotel 
TO BOOK: Call 800-323-9505 or visit
Midweek Sunday -Thursday stay, golf Monday-Thursday
$89.00 per person, per night, double occupancy includes room, green fee, cart
Available Sept 8th – November 12th

Check out the video Golf Destinations shot on Yarmouth, “The heart of golf on Cape Cod“.